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**NOTE: Virtual waiting rooms are not intended for on-demand care. All Telehealth sessions are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance.


Shivani Myer, MD

RoomID: shivani

Terri Peerenboom, MA, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: terri


RoomID: rsmith

Shamima Khan, MD

RoomID: skhan

Sheila Sasieta, DO

RoomID: sasieta

Linzi Leighton, PMHNP

RoomID: leighton

Sarah Gatumu, MD

RoomID: gatumu

Anthony Benoit (APRN, PMHNP-BC)

RoomID: benoit

Chelsea Leary, MSN, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: leary

Charles Kopecky, MD

RoomID: charles

Tracie DeJarnette-Holly, MD

RoomID: holly

Davidson Ewuzie, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: ewuzie

Dawn Sims, MSN, APRN

RoomID: dawn

Shirley Farmer, PMHNP

RoomID: farmer

Linnea Johnson, MSN, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: linnea

Gustavo Mathieu-Fornet, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: gustavo

Abiola Oyemade, PMHNP

RoomID: abiola

Manuel Guillen, MD, FAPA

RoomID: guillen

Jill Laughlin, PMHNP

RoomID: laughlin

Maria Albrecht, PMHNP

RoomID: albrecht

Martina Gallagher, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: martina


RoomID: clairehill

Shakil Siddiqui, MD

RoomID: shakil

Claire Friedman, M.D.

RoomID: claire

Krishna Kambhampati, MD

RoomID: krishna

Sumeet Singh, MD

RoomID: sumeet

Jacquelin Joffray, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: joffray

Peters Etchu, PMHNP

RoomID: etchu

Daniela White, MD

RoomID: dwhite

Michelle Petmi, NP

RoomID: petmi

Zaw Win, MD

RoomID: win

Latarsha Edwards, APRN,PMHNP-BC

RoomID: latarsha

Barbara Kirsch, PMHNP, PhD

RoomID: barbara

Mehreen Ghanchi, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: mehreen

Nereida Gonzalez Berrios, MD

RoomID: berrios


Joyce Sauter, LCSW

RoomID: joyce

Ethel Richard-Peterson, MSW, LCSW

RoomID: ethel

Destiny Green, LCSW

RoomID: green

Mary Halm, LCSW

RoomID: halm

Patricia Figueroa-Cruz, LCSW

RoomID: cruz

Rachel Jackson, LCSW

RoomID: rjackson

Mary Mainville, LCSW

RoomID: mainville

Maria Socorro Pasco, LCSW

RoomID: pasco

Jamila Woods, LCSW

RoomID: woods

Bianca Stephens, LCSW

RoomID: stephens